Private Training

Our seminar series is designed to address common issues and build relationships with people who work at different animal welfare organizations in a fun, interactive environment. We realize that some teams however, are large or prefer a customized, private learning experience just for them.

So, we also offer private training, creating customized versions of our seminars and workshops just for your organization.

Our private training can be offered in Austin to provide a skill and team-building retreat, or we can come to you to provide training in your community.

Private Training Topics

Turn Up the Volume

Increase your spay/neuter efficiency and volume without sacrificing quality and safety.

Customer Service for Social Change

Teach your team a new approach to customer service to fulfill your mission in a more powerful, compassionate way.

How to Have “The Talk”

Learn how to discuss the importance of spay/neuter with pet owners and improve your communication skills and confidence in having “the conversation.”

For pricing and more information, contact [email protected]