Heartworm treatment takes multiple trips to the vet over several months. We’ll break down the heartworm treatment process including and example schedule.

How to keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is right around the corner with 46 million meals being shared all around the country. With the average dinner taking 5+ hours to cook, visiting family and friends, and the drowsiness that inevitably ensues… it’s easy to forget that table scraps and turkey bones can make […]

by B.J. Rogers Thanks to you. . . Thanks to you, thousands and thousands of animals are living better lives. Thanks to you, at least as many – or more – people are living better lives too. Thanks to you, the animal welfare and veterinary fields are getting increasingly more skilled at delivering services to […]

Some of us Were Sitting a Little Too Much The Emancipet crew is a busy and bustling bunch. Our clinic teams of managers, technicians, and veterinarians are on their feet all day long. From greeting clients, caring for patients, and keeping the mission of making veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners very […]

By B.J. Rogers This month we’re swapping out our blog with a vlog (a video blog). . .which is, if possible, an even worse word than blog. Alas, we digress. Enjoy this bit on the foundations of Adaptive Leadership. We’ve included a bonus glossary below – sort of a “bullet-blog,” if you will. Adaptive Leadership […]

By B.J. Rogers When a messy problem confronts us – our organization, field, community, or world – one of the most common responses is to look for a hero to save the day. Just shy of flashing the Bat Signal in the sky, we often turn to so-called (and sometimes self-proclaimed) experts, to consultants, or […]

Training a young cat sounds like a tall order, but what about a senior or adult cat? Is it even possible? There’s good news. The experts say you CAN teach your old cat new tricks! Maybe you’ve adopted an older cat, or perhaps you’re just looking for a fun way to bond with your best […]

by B.J. Rogers Just when you think you’re all on the same page. . . Best I can tell, there are few conflicts or challenges that don’t or didn’t originate by way of miscommunication, unclear communication, or a plain old lack of communication. Once we reach conflict, communication often gets harder – and all the […]

1. Never Leave A Pet In A Car Alone:According to AVMA, the temperature in a hot car can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes. After another 20 minutes, it becomes even 10 degrees warmerIn short, keep Fido at home while you run errands 2. If Your Pet Is Outside, Make Sure They Have Shade […]

This was Kayleigh’s first visit to Emancipet. She was really excited about how affordable it was going to be to keep Ralph healthy. She found Ralph when she heard about a family whose dog had had puppies and they couldn’t keep them. Since Ralph is Kayleigh’s only (and first) dog, she says he is very […]

Freeze! Pets need to keep their cool as summer heats up, and these frozen treats to should do the trick! Pupsicles Using silicon molds, ice cube trays, or even small paper cups, fill with a combination of your dog’s favorite munchies, freeze, unmold and serve.  Keep frozen in an airtight container, and serve in moderation- […]

We get it. Traveling with a pet isn’t always a walk in the park, and factors ranging from pet anxiety to airline rules and regulations can make it feel like a stressful and complicated endeavor — But it doesn’t have to be. To prepare you to road trip or jet set with your pet, we’ve […]

Rico, an 11 month old Labrador retriever has been a member of Alan’s family since he was 8 weeks old. We were able to snap a photo of the two at our Central Austin branch during a check-up appointment! Rico is Alan’s only dog and is totally spoiled (Alan calls Rico his “brother”). Alan said […]

By: B.J. Rogers Apparently, a lot of people are all worked up about feedback lately (as evidenced by this article from Fast Company. . .and this article from the Harvard Business Review . . .and this article – which is actually about the previous article – from the Australian website Business Insider by way of […]

Look atchu! It’s your birthday month. Stars are shining, plans are being made, this entire month is all about you! The great thing about birthdays is that people have to pay attention to you. At least for a day, and more like a week, or a whole month, people should be reminded of just how […]

Duke is one of three dogs, and with the affordable veterinary care Emancipet offers, Duke’s mom shares why she is able to keep three pups healthy and happy. Emancipet is committed to providing quality and affordable veterinary care to all.

My friends, The House Ag Committee has heard your voices loud and clear and decided NOT to pursue a vote on HB 3806! This is tremendous news for the families and pets served by non-profit veterinary clinics across the entire state of Texas! Here’s how you made a difference: You sent thousands of emails and […]

by Myles Chadwick and Marianne Lynch Over the years, we’ve dedicated quite a bit of our time and energy into fine-tuning a system that enables our clinics to increase the volume of surgeries they can do and clients they can see, while always keeping the safety of the patient as the number one concern above […]

We are thrilled to partner with ThunderCloud Subs for the fourth annual ThunderPets campaign! Stop by your local ThunderCloud Subs, donate $5, and you’ll receive your very own ThunderPets bandana! All donations support Emancipet and their mission to make veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. Share a photo of your pet in […]

We urgently need your help. Emancipet, and Texas non-profits providing access to veterinary care, are directly under attack right now. A bill recently introduced in the Texas House of Representatives threatens our programs, services, and the communities we serve, and a hearing on the bill has been scheduled for Monday, April 1st. I’m asking for your […]

We recently wrapped up our third Spayathon for Puerto Rico and are ecstatic about the success we had while helping the people and pets of Puerto Rico. Check out how each day unfolded while we were there and how many cats/dogs we were able to spay/neuter during our time!

Piper and Aspen’s mom continue to bring them to Emancipet for preventative care. She reflects on a great clinic team and an organization committed to keeping veterinary care affordable.

by B.J. Rogers Workplace culture, healthy culture, toxic culture. . .blah, blah, blah. There are books, blogs, conferences, and podcasts all about culture. When a term or concept so completely infiltrates the zeitgeist, it can be easy to tune out. And the spirit of the times – in the workplace anyway – is all about […]

We’ve reached a lot of milestones over the past two decades. We started in a borrowed mobile spay and neuter clinic in 1999. Today, we are operating a network of clinics with the capacity and specially trained staff to handle more than 100,000 visits a year.  There is so much to be grateful for, we’re […]

Start Your Own Peer to Peer Fundraiser with Emancipet We’re hoping to ROCK this year’s Amplify Austin. What is it? A 24-hour event that allows people like you (our supporters, fans and friends) to connect with a charity and donate to their mission. Why should I be a part of this? Amplify Austin is critical […]

by B.J. Rogers Leadership in animal welfare (or anywhere) can be a risky proposition. It’s also powerfully fulfilling and in high demand. To stay “in it” and make an impact, it’s critical that we collect tools to keep ourselves clear-headed and healthy. Though “self-care” sometimes sparks eye-rolls, it doesn’t just mean indulgent investment in a […]

Meet Jarett. A friend of his found Lady and her puppy siblings wandering the streets and asked if Jarett wanted to adopt one of the pups. Lady was the only female in the litter so Jarrett chose her. Lady had been with Jarett for less than 24 hours when they came to the clinic yesterday […]

by B.J. Rogers The clock strikes twelve on December 31st and it’s resolution time. Gym memberships sell like crazy and everyone is quitting something (smoking, drinking, eating sweets). Whatever the goal – getting in shape, living healthier – the amazing thing about the start of a new year is what a powerful example it is […]

If they don’t have a thick coat, invest a coat or sweater to keep them warm! If your pet loves to play in the snow, make sure their ears are dry to prevent ear infections For a thin coated dog, make sure they have access to thicker bedding inside the your house. With extra layers […]

Emancipet Closures for the Holiday Season: Below is a full list of clinic closings and re-openings during the holiday season.  For any immediate questions, please contact your local Emancipet. Happy Holidays from your Emancipet Team! All clinics will be closed:  12/24, 12/25, and 12/31 and 1/1. For individual re-openings: Emancipet East:  re-opens on the 26th […]

by B.J. Rogers Whether you’re brand new to supervising, or have been at it for years, no good manager can afford to be without essential tools to do their job well. That’s why we love sharing skills we think rise to the top – and that’ll make your life and the lives of your colleagues […]

We cannot stress more how important microchips are to bringing pets and owners back together. This is Princess and Ziggy! This pair was found by a good Samaritan who brought them to our central Austin branch. We scanned the dog duo for microchips, and once we found them, we called their dad. Dad came right […]

Tis the season for mistletoe, warm meals, and longer wintery (or as close to winter as Texas weather can be) nights. While the ushering in of the holiday season brings joy, there is nothing joyful about having a pet emergency interrupt your cheer. 1. Holiday Food Holiday baking includes a lot of chocolate, seasoned meats, […]

What are Community Cats? From the Animal Humane Society: “Community cats are un-owned cats that live outdoors in the community. They may be feral or friendly, may have been born into the wild, or may be lost or abandoned pets.” Community cats usually live in colonies with other cats. Community cats are everywhere – colonies […]

by B.J. Rogers We’re leadership nerds at the Emancipet New School – always geeking out about new books, great TED Talks, and the most recent podcast a friend or colleague is keen on. Periodically, we love to share those with you, so. . .a few of our faves below! READ:When two of the things I’m most passionate […]

In central Texas, the winter weather seemed to come in screaming this year when outside temps dropped nearly 20 degrees overnight! Fortunately, southerners are used to a quickly changing temperatures this time of the year. However, our feline friends may not be so adept at dealing with significant and rapid weather changes. Community cats are […]

In February, I was helping put on a retreat out in the country. I was headed into town to buy groceries and saw a forlorn figure sitting in the middle of the rural road. I jammed on the brakes and went back to coax him to the side. He came to me. He was a […]

What are Community Cats? From the Animal Humane Society: “Community cats are un-owned cats that live outdoors in the community. They may be feral or friendly, may have been born into the wild, or may be lost or abandoned pets.” Community cats usually live in colonies with other cats.  Community cats are everywhere – colonies […]

Building a shelter for community cats can help ensure that they stay safe, warm and dry throughout the year! Supplies: Quality Plastic Storage Bin (Rubbermaid or similar) that holds around 68 liters. Styrofoam Cooler Straw Exacto Knife 4×6 wood planks 1. Mark and cut out a circular opening on the outside of the bin. This […]

Wherever you live, chances are pretty good that you’ve seen a community cat- you just might have mistaken it as a neighbor’s indoor/outdoor pet. If you’ve ever tried to interact with a feline who is unfamiliar to you, only to have him run away, instead of circling your feet and asking for food- he’s probably […]

Step 1: Start with a visual overview of the skin. Examine for areas that appear red or irritated. If you see a spot, get a closer look. Is it a tick, a hot spot, or something else? Step 2: Start at your pup’s head, and work your way over his body. Comb through the fur […]

by B.J. Rogers See if this sounds familiar: Congratulations! You’ve never managed anyone before, nor had any formal training (or any informal training for that matter) in supervision or management. But. . .you’re REALLY great at your current job, so we’re promoting you to manager. . .a role in which you’ll supervise three staff (two […]

Summer safety tips involve a lot of common sense, but in the fall, as the weather cools off, we may become a little more relaxed, and worry less about things like pets becoming overheating or sunburned. But this pleasant little season poses a few threats of its own. Oh, rats. Literally & Figuratively. This is […]

Just like humans, pets can strain muscles, have headaches, and even suffer from depression. But of course, they can’t tell us about any of these things. As owners, we should always pay close attention to our pets’ habits and behavior changes, and we can also be proactive in the way we approach their care, too. […]

Potty training a new pup can feel like a daunting task. The good news is that it only requires routine and patience. Here are a few tips to help: 1.Get OUT. Puppies need plenty of opportunities to do the right thing. That means giving your new pup tons of outdoor time. Take your pup OUTside: […]

Are You Ready For A Second Dog? There’s nothing wrong with a single dog home, but building your own pack can be tons of fun, too. There are so many considerations when adding a new family member to your home- temperament of your new dog and your existing dog, a willingness of your family to […]

It sounds difficult enough to train any cat, but an adult or even a senior? Is it even possible? The experts say you can teach your old cat new tricks. Maybe you’ve adopted an older cat, or perhaps your just looking for a fun way to bond with your best pal and help her get […]

Don’t worry though – change is good and we’re genuinely pumped about this one! Over the last several years, under the thoughtful leadership of Myles Chadwick, Emancipet New School has become a powerhouse of high-quality training for animal welfare professionals, veterinarians, volunteers, and board members alike. Now, as Myles shifts to a new role focused […]

by B.J. Rogers If you’re like most animal welfare, human service, and social change folks I know, there’s a good chance that what draws you to the work you do is rooted in a genuine desire to help. To make a difference. To leave the world better than you found it. It’s why I’ve so […]

Emancipet performs 750 free spay/neuter surgeries in Puerto Rico as part of a historic initiative. AUSTIN— Emancipet, the national nonprofit organization that makes high-quality, low-cost veterinary care accessible to all, is part of a historic initiative to spay and neuter more than 20,000 pets in Puerto Rico, where an estimated 300,000 pets are homeless following Hurricane […]

1. Check the Pavement Before every walk, place the back of your hand on the pavement for 7 seconds to test the heat. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pup! 2. Schedule Exercise Accordingly If your dog needs exercise, reserve walks for early in the morning before the sun is […]

by B.J. Rogers Mission, vision, values, culture. . . pick up a recent business book and there’s a good chance you’ll encounter one or all of these nebulous terms. The problem? Not only is there a lack of agreement about what words like these mean, but the terms themselves are highly conceptual; it’s not always […]

All Microchips are free for Austin and Travis County Residents The 4th of July brings a lot of fun activities- barbecues, travel, swimming. While we are planning how many different ways we can usher in America’s favorite holiday, it’s important to recognize this day is often no treat for pets. Fireworks are terrifying for animals: […]

Emancipet Keeps Families & Pets Together Pets are so incredibly special. To most of us, they are our family. Emancipet recognizes how important veterinary care is when it comes to keeping families and pets together. Sticker Shock According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the last decade, human health care hasn’t risen as […]

Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support Emancipet Killeen. Come in to the participating Chipotle at 201 E. Central Texas Expressway Ste 1400 in Harker Heights on Saturday, June 30th between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm! Bring in this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting the cause […]

  The Rachael Ray Foundation™, which helps animals in need, has made a generous donation to Emancipet to create the Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Helping Paws Fund. The Fund will help pet owners who cannot afford vet care- even the low-cost, high-quality services that Emancipet offers. There are times when pet owners may experience homelessness, unemployment, […]

Believe it or not, spring’s arrival is quickly wrapping up and summer is looming just around the corner. While most of us welcome the warmth, it’s important to remember our pets’ safety as things heat up! Here are some tips to ensure you and your pet have a happy and safe summer together: Never Leave […]

Do you do any type of income qualifying? Are your clinics open on the weekends? These are just a couple of the questions we are asked the most and although they seem simple enough, they’re incredibly important things to be thinking about! Recently we sat down to compile a list of some of our most […]

On May 11th, animal lovers, community leaders, philanthropists and volunteers will unite to celebrate an incredible year. The Anniversary Luncheon is a time to reflect on our past accomplishments, our growing resources, and to look ahead to what’s next for the team. This year has been both emotionally and operationally challenging as Texas faced its […]

How the heartworm lifecycle starts in pets, symptoms to look for, and treatments to consider These days, especially in the south where it can feel like summer for 6 months out of the year, it’s common to hear veterinarians remind us of the safety of heartworm prevention during our pet’s annual visit. Some pet owners […]

by Marianne Lynch The concept of social change gets brought up in just about all of our seminars and presentations at Emancipet New School. Whether or not it’s been written into the content doesn’t matter, somehow a conversation always begins that will lead to a discussion about social change, social good, and how the two […]

by Myles Chadwick  I love a good meeting. I love listening to new ideas, sharing my own, and collaborating to create a plan of action. I walk into meetings with a “C’mon gang, lets save the world!” attitude, but this was definitely not always the case. There was a time when I would get a […]

by Myles Chadwick At Emancipet we always hire and manage for culture – check out our webinar and article about these processes! Today we wanted to take a moment to remember why we approach our work with such an emphasis on organizational culture. We talk about culture in many of our workshops, in the office […]

Emancipet’s mission to make high-quality vet care affordable and accessible to all pet owners cemented their impact this past month with the grand opening of their newest clinic in Central Austin. The 3,900 square ft. state of the art clinic located at 1030 Norwood Park celebrated its opening with CEO Amy Mills, staff including Mayor […]

Sometimes, despite best efforts to keep your dogs safe and conflict-free, things happen. Fortunately, most fights last less than a few seconds, and you can often interrupt them by simply shouting. But what happens when a scuffle progresses into something more serious? You will have to intervene, and breaking up a dogfight can be dangerous. […]

Paint your Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart this year! Bring your friends and family to join the Emancipet Killeen team for a cozy winter afternoon filled with fun and friendship at Painting with a Twist in Harker Heights on Sunday, January 28th, 2018 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Create a truly one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gift for […]

Hannah Hart, the comedic genius behind My Drunk Kitchen, joined forces with Emancipet Houston in an effort to promote Have a Hart Day. This initiative focuses on organizing and mobilizing Hartosexuals and individuals alike to spread happiness and community service nationwide. On December 2nd, Hart along with some Have a Hart volunteers assembled thousands of […]

Teresa learned about Emancipet while visiting her primary care doctor, and our next door neighbor, Dr. Jimenez. She was thrilled to find out about the free services available for her furry family members. And just how big is the furry side of the Lopez family? Well, after Teresa’s kids found a litter of Chihuahua mix […]

In 1992, Susan Powter told us we could eat 5,000 baked potatoes a day and not gain a pound. A few years later, Dr. Atkins recommended a restrictive, almost carb-less diet. Today, food fads are different- low-carb, gluten-free, vegan, paleo, raw. Well, different, but the same. Just like humans have seen major changes in supermarket […]

In 2015, Toronto-based photographer Pete Thorne, created “Old Faithful,” a collection of intimate portraits of elderly dogs. His subjects, many who were deaf, blind, or both, all had one thing in common- their faces showed their age. And what a beautiful thing. All the character, the history, and the strength- anyone could see what made […]

by Gretchen Nelson Are we managing with the same care with which we are hiring? We all know that hiring well can be hard work. In fact, we have developed a system at Emancipet that is almost bullet proof for hiring people that will be successful in our culture. No matter what system you are using, hiring […]

One important takeaway from the relief efforts post Hurricane Harvey, was how necessary microchips were for reuniting missing pets with their owners. Microchips are as common as two meals a day for any animal shelter once an animal is part of the system.  With the influx of adopting animals, microchips have become a mandatory part […]

Tis the season for mistletoe, warm meals, and longer wintery (or as close to winter as Texas weather can be) nights. While the ushering in of the holiday season brings joy, there is nothing joyful about having a pet emergency interrupt your cheer. Holiday Food Holiday baking includes a lot of chocolate, seasoned meats, and […]

Sonia adopted her sweet Mia, a husky mix, about two months ago. Mia is a typical adolescent – she doesn’t know a stranger, is constantly annoying Sonia’s older dog, and like a typical husky has a lot to say! Her visit to Emancipet was for her second round of booster shots; the first was just before Harvey […]

Nora Gomez and her daughter Mia Tran visited our clinic with the newest member of their family, a fluffy peach colored kitten named Georgie. Nora’s sister feeds feral cats, and Georgie was abandoned by his mother. When Nora saw him he reminded her immediately of their beloved rescue Persian cat who passed away from Feline […]

by Myles Chadwick At Emancipet we are always looking for innovative, cost effective ways to do this work better. Sometimes the ideas we hatch lead to big programs that take on lives of their own, but more often they lead to a series of little innovations that become woven into the fabric of what we […]

Marie says that she was once depressed and lonely. And then one day, everything changed. Marie went to ACCT (Animal Care and Control Team) to get a cat- and that’s when she saw Checkers. He was 2 months old and the cost to adopt him was $85.  Marie didn’t have the money, but she had […]

ACL celebrates music, the city, and above all, shared love. Thanks to the partnership with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, we were able to celebrate dogs as well! In Austin, we pride ourselves on the spirit of our city and our animals are engrained in the very essence that keeps us glowing.

Sheri has been rescuing animals as long as she can remember. Seven years ago, she rescued a pair of dogs she found wandering the streets. “Lucky hopped right in my car. Star was more cautious, but wasn’t sticking behind without her best friend, so she hopped in after.” The two dogs remain inseparable. Unfortunately, Hurricane […]

Summer safety tips involve a lot of common sense, but in the fall, as the weather cools off, we may become a little more lax, and worry less about pets overheating. But that doesn’t mean that this pleasant little season doesn’t pose a few threats of it’s own. Oh, rats. This is the time of […]

Julie Telford got Leo four months ago. She was living on the top floor of her apartment building when Harvey hit; she thought she’d be okay but the water rose 15’ to completely submerge the first floor and started creeping into her apartment. Afraid the whole building was going to be submerged, she got people  […]

Mary Tate’s grandfather wasn’t able to take care of his dog Scrap anymore. Mary’s job was to take in the lovable Norfolk Terrier until she could find a permanent home for him (not a bad assignment, if you ask us). She brought Scrap to Emancipet for a general veterinary exam and flea prevention medicine. Emancipet’s […]

Virginia has two Chihuahuas, both brothers, one black and one white and beige. Both are named Chiquito; Chiquito 1 and Chiquito 2. But only the vet knows who is who- Virginia just calls them both Chiquito.    Virginia has had both dogs since they were only 3 weeks old, and considers them her children. They […]

William Yerger recently brought in his rescued dog, Bane, for his first-ever round of vaccinations. Bane is such a lover, and greeted everyone in our clinic with sloppy wet kisses! Although William isn’t sure exactly how old Bane is, Emancipet’s veterinarian conducted a thorough examination and estimated his age at about a year and a half. […]

Sean and Oshean brought in their 16-month-old miniature Doberman/Chihuahua mix to be spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. The pair Roxy when she was just four months old.  She has become the center of their world. As Oshean says, “She even made friends with our two cats right away.” “She’s such a good dog,” Sean says. “She […]

CinnamonE (the captal “e” at the end is added intentionally, “so it will be different”) belongs to Sandra Martinez. They grew up together; CinnamonE is currently 13 years old, and Sandra has had her since she was 1.5 years old. Sandra got a very skinny CinnamonE from a lady who had a lot of dogs […]

by Myles Chadwick I was speaking to a group of animal welfare professionals recently about something that we at Emancipet believe passionately: People love their pets and given the opportunity will take care of them as best they can. This simple idea guides our outreach programs, our customer service policies, and even where we locate […]

When Laura’s Shih Tzu passed away, she was devastated. The pup had been her constant companion in the years after her husband died, and her passing left an empty spot in Laura’s heart once again. Laura’s family encouraged her to get another dog, and when her niece found a litter of puppies at a near […]

Neighbors, Terry Brackin and Dana Harris teamed up to help each other and their furry friends. Unfortunately, Terry lost his truck in the Harvey flood, but Dana was there to help him out and get their pets to Emancipet. Dana brought her puppy, Cotton for her second set of puppy shots.           […]

Virginia Deleon and her mother Naomi Gonzalez brought her cats Chichi and Moono in for vaccine updates and flea medications, but this wasn’t their first trip to Emancipet. “I love you guys! I’ve been bringing my pets here since Emancipet first came to Houston.” In fact, Virginia has two other cats and two dogs who […]

A collaboration with The Humane Society Of The United States and The Lewyt Trust, with support from Maddie’s Fund, will help keep pets and their people together. We’ve seen a huge outpouring of support for its initiative to provide free veterinary care to Houston pets whose families were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. As a result […]

by Myles Chadwick and Marianne Lynch Most of us spend about 8-12 hours a day, 5 days a week with our co-workers. That’s 16,640-24,960 hours a year! And when you think about it that way, it only makes sense to us that when it is time to hire a new employee, you would hire for […]

A LETTER FROM EMANCIPET’S CEO, AMY MILLS Dear Friends, Emancipet has a low-cost pet health clinic in Houston, located on Wayside Drive, where we employ thirteen incredibly compassionate, dedicated veterinary professionals. First, I am relieved and grateful to let you know that all of our staff are safe and accounted for, and our clinic has […]