Emancipet is a dynamic, growing animal welfare organization.

Current openings include:

Job Title: Vice President, Emancipet Philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia


Does this sound like you?


  • You are the one your friends want to follow if there’s ever a zombie Why? Because your brain is wired for strategy, adaptability, and resourcefulness (and it’s probably delicious).


  • You are a dynamic and compelling communicator – on camera or off, in front of an audience or just one on one, you have the ability to connect with and motivate people (and you’ve chosen to use this for good and not evil).


  • You know those work environments where things are changing all the time because you are growing really fast and every day you have to come up with some new system or strategy to deal with totally new challenges? You really love You weirdo.


  • You have at least three years of experience in an executive leadership or development role in a mission driven environment with a budget of at least $1.5



If so, you might be our next Vice President of Emancipet Philadelphia! Here’s the details:


Emancipet is a nonprofit that opens low cost pet clinics in underserved neighborhoods around the country. We are on a mission to make veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. These clinics offer essential preventive care including spay/neuter, vaccinations, healthy pet services and more. Our culture is based on the belief that all people love their pets and will do what’s best for them when given the opportunity, and our four Core Values: Compassionate Service, Excellence, Teaching & Learning, and Optimism.



As our Vice President, you would:


Lead Emancipet’s fundraising and business initiatives in Philadelphia, which is a new market for us and which currently includes one low cost pet clinic that opened in February 2017. During this critical start-up year, our goals are to significantly increase spay/neuter and healthy pet services quickly, build stronger brand equity, and establish a strong base of donors and advocates. Our clinic is run by a talented lead veterinarian and branch manager.


  • Fundraising: You will serve as the “face” of the organization in the community with the ability to tell the organization’s story in a compelling way to help acquire and retain donors, clients, volunteers, partners and other You will be supported in fundraising by National Headquarters but will serve as the lead fundraiser on the ground. We’re looking for experience starting and growing a new fundraising program or initiative based on individual giving, and a willingness to engage in everything from major gifts work to grassroots events.


  • Business: You will develop and implement a strategic business plan for the Philadelphia area in alignment with the goals set by the National Headquarters in Austin, Oversee the business plan and budget for the PA clinic and develop and implement new strategies for meeting goals set with National Headquarters.



Create positive transformations in staff and coach them to achieve more than they ever imagined by actively demonstrating servant leadership practices. Grow this new business to serve more underserved and lower income families and their pets each year. Partner with area shelters, animal and human service organizations, and others to develop mutually beneficial, mission critical programs and services.




Send a detailed cover letter and resume to Emancipet’s VP of Human Resources, Cindy Gunderson:

[email protected]

Job Title: Accounts Payable Associate

Location: Austin HQ

The Account Payable (AP) function provides administrative bookkeeping and financial support for all branch locations to meet Emancipet’s Bottom Lines of high quality medical care, transformative customer service and sustainable finance. What does this mean to you? The AP position will need to have a solid understanding of the Emancipet’s key programs and some of our more complex financial management and accounting needs. The AP Associate’s time will be spent entering a high volume of transactions in our accounting software. Our ideal AP Associate must have a minimum of two years experience in a bookkeeping position and a High School Diploma or GED required, Associate’s degree preferred.

Is It You?

There’s a chance you may be our ideal candidate if you meet the description above, and if:

• You are so detailed oriented that your closet is organized by color, size and season.
• You love it when friends come over and move your books or records around because you get to re-alphabetize when they leave.
• You are such a problem solver that your ideal Sunday morning consists of curling up on your couch with a cup of coffee and the NY Times Crossword.
• You are a great communicator…you can just as easily explain to your 3 year old niece why the sky is blue as you can explain to your fellow peers the importance of checks and balances.
• You put together at least one 1,000 piece puzzle every weekend.
• You love solving puzzles, really love solving puzzles!

Send a very detailed cover letter and resume to: Christy Mallinger, Chief Financial Officer, at [email protected]

Job Title: Philanthropy Services Specialist

Location: Austin HQ

Does the idea of gathering, organizing, and analyzing data make you as excited as taking a selfie of you winning a million dollars? If so, keep reading.

Emancipet is seeking a talented individual to join our Philanthropy Team as the Philanthropy Services Specialist (PSS). The PSS will ensure a transformative giving experience for Emancipet’s donors through:

  • the timely processing of gifts received at Emancipet’s seven local branches and the national office
  • promptly acknowledging gifts
  • ensuring that all donor and gift information is accurate and up to date

The PSS will interact professionally with donors, sponsors, and board members along with Emancipet staff. The PSS will be a key player in helping to grow Emancipet’s fundraising by assisting with prospect research and creating audience lists for direct-mail, email, and other fundraising campaigns.


Who We Are

Emancipet is on a mission to provide affordable and accessible veterinary care to all pet owners. We fill this mission by:

  • Opening and operating clinics in underserved communities
  • Training other clinics and animal-welfare organizations in how to increase their capacity, impact, and sustainability
  • Advocating for strategies and public policy that improve the lives of pets in underserved communities.


Where We Are

Since 1999, we have safely spayed or neutered more than 300,000 dogs and cats. In 2017, we will care for more than 100,000 pets at low or no cost to their owners in Austin, Pflugerville, Killeen, Houston, and Philadelphia. And we are still on the move!


Is It You?

You may be our ideal Philanthropy Services Specialist if you meet the requirements listed below and if:

  • On game night, you miss the two-minute warning because you are looking for the missing puzzle piece.
  • You love graphs, diagrams, and flow charts — and not just for the pictures.
  • Unlike most people whose eyes glaze over when they see a spreadsheet, you have a gift for running numbers and building beautiful, accurate spreadsheets.
  • You would have absolutely no problem focusing on the task at hand in an open office with frequent four-legged visitors.
  • You appreciate Emancipet’s mission, core values, and culture.



  • A detail-oriented professional with experience in nonprofit data and gift management
  • One-year minimum experience in Luminate CRM, or Raiser’s Edge, preferred but other donation management software applications will be considered
  • Bonus points for experience with Luminate Online
  • An understanding of fundraising best practices and principles
  • Competency in all Microsoft office products
  • Stellar time-management and communications skills
  • Ability to work occasional nights and weekends in support of fundraising events.



Send your resume and a detailed cover letter explaining your interest to Cyndi Hughes, Director of Philanthropy,, at [email protected]. Applications without cover letters will not be considered for the position.


Emancipet is an equal opportunity employer. Position is open until filled. Salary and benefits are competitive and commensurate with awesomeness … and this position requires someone really awesome!


Job Title: Branch Manager

Location: Central Austin Clinic


Who We Need

We are seeking a Branch Manager to operate Emancipet’s Central Austin Branch, which provides healthy pet services (vaccinations, anti-parasitics, physical exams, basic tests), spay/neuter, dental procedures, heartworm treatments, and specialized surgeries (e.g., amputations, cystotomies, enucleations, mass removals, etc.). The Branch Manager is responsible for making sure the clinic meets Emancipet’s bottom-lines of quality medical care, financial sustainability, and transformative service in a way that promotes our core values of teaching & learning, excellence, compassionate service, and optimism. Responsibilities will include directly or indirectly supervising more than ten veterinary technicians; managing inventory; monitoring the budget; ensuring staff are following Emancipet’s SOP’s; and hiring, training, coaching, and engaging employees. The Branch Manager will report to a Director of Operations and work with branch managers at other Emancipet clinics, a large team of veterinarians, the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operating Officer, accounting department, and resource/call center to resolve issues, increase efficiencies, ensure high quality care, and provide transformative experiences for staff and clients.


Our ideal candidate has a deep, personal passion for our mission and is committed to serving the people and pets of the Central Texas area. The candidate will have a demonstrated record of servant leadership, maintaining high employee engagement, and focusing on employee strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. The candidate is detail oriented, highly flexible, innovative, and adept at developing new protocols and services. Candidates should have experience working as a veterinary technician and a minimum of three years supervising large teams in any professional field. Experience working as a technician in a full-service, emergency, or specialty veterinary practice is desirable.



Is It You?

There’s a chance you may be our ideal Branch Manager if you meet the description above, and if:

  • You love the art and science of managing people – nothing makes you happier than seeing someone you manage exceed your expectations (and their own)!
  • The circus ran away to join you – the people around you are compelled to follow your ideas and vision.
  • You won the World Series of Poker with a deck of UNO cards – you are the ultimate optimist and believe any challenge has a solution.
  • You start writing invitations to your cinco de mayo party on el primero de enero – you think far ahead with attention to who needs to be involved and when.
  • You challenged yourself to a staring contest in the bathroom mirror… and won three days later – you are resilient and never give-up.
  • Your a stickler for detail, and you’ve already noticed the mistake in this sentence.
  • You once went to a psychic… to warn her – you anticipate problems before they happen and fix them.



Send your resume and a very detailed cover letter explaining your interest to Ian Hallett, Vice President of Emancipet Central Texas, at [email protected] Applications without cover letters will not be considered for the position. Relocation assistance is available. This position was originally posted in August 2017, but hiring was postponed until the new Central Austin facility was opened. We have maintained previous applications, but you are welcome to submit your application again.


Note: Emancipet is an equal opportunity employer. Position is open until filled. Salary and benefits are competitive and commensurate with awesomeness… and this position requires someone really awesome!




Submit Your Resume

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.

Job Title: HQHVSN Surgeon and/or Preventive Care Veterinarian

Location: Philadelphia

 Who We Need

We are seeking an awe-inspiring Veterinarian who will serve as a HQHSVN surgeon and/or a preventative care Veterinarian in our Philadelphia area clinic.

We are a nonprofit on a mission to make high-quality spay/neuter and veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners.  We are seekinga Veterinarian who will fulfill our mission and will experience true joy in doing so.

Emancipet Veterinarians are responsible for sharing medical information with clients with compassion and empathy and developing professional, friendly, and mutually-beneficial relationships with local veterinarians, promoting Emancipet and our mission within the veterinary community.

Candidates must have a DVM and be eligible to obtain a license to practice veterinary medicine in Pennsylvania as well as be eligible to obtain a DEA license. A servant heart and a great sense of humor also required.  Our days and hours of operation reflect the needs of our clients, so Saturdays and some early evenings will be required.

 Is It You?

There’s a chance you may be our ideal veterinarian if you meet the description above, and if:

  • Your nickname is the Energizer Bunny because after a long day of helping 50+ families and their pets, you still have the energy to hit the town with your friends
  • You have a bunch of gross pictures on your phone (of surgeries!) that you can only share with other veterinarians
  • The only thing you take seriously is the responsibility to serve others, and after that nothing is more important than a good laugh, even at yourself
  • Even though you often find yourself teaching others, you live to learn more and geek out on JAVMA articles
  • You would love to be part of a team that has fun every day, and considers medical excellence is a bottom line
  • You can’t wait for this posting to end so you can hurry up and apply


Submit your resume & a detailed cover letter. Not in Philly? That’s ok! We’re always interested in awe-inspiring veterinarians, so don’t be shy, go ahead and apply!

Submit Your Resume

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.

Job Title: Resource Center Specialist- Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Location: Austin HQ

Who We Need

Emancipet believes that people love their pets and will provide for them to the best of their ability. We open and operate Spay/Neuter and Healthy Pet Clinics in underserved communities, and our Resource Center Specialists work in a (fun!) call center answering calls, emails and chats for all our clinics and communities – responding to a variety of questions, booking appointments, ensuring our pets receive care, and serving as a general resource for people to help their pets! We are looking for compassionate, bilingual (English/Spanish) individuals that share in our belief and who are moved by serving underserved people and their pets. We will provide training for the right candidate – no previous experience required!

Is It You?
You may be our ideal Resource Center Specialist if you meet the description above, and if:

  • You’re so friendly that you’ve never met a stranger; you make new friends everywhere you go!
  • You want your career to be more than a paycheck; you want to make a difference for people and their pets!
  • You are a great communicator who can give directions to places you’ve never visited.
  • You enjoy a fast-pace and thinking on your feet (even when sitting down).
  • You are so detailed-oriented that your spice rack is alphabetized.



We will be hosting a 1 hour information session at our offices on Monday, March 19, 2018 at 6:00PM. Please RSVP to Ariana Gum: [email protected] to let us know that you would like to attend the information session – space is limited, so don’t wait to contact us! Don’t forget to bring a copy of your resume with you to the Information Session!


7010 Easy Wind Way, Suite 260
Austin, TX 78752

We are located in the Midtown Commons at Crestview Station, situated at the intersection of St. Johns and North Lamar. Drive into the building complex at the light at North Lamar/St. Johns and take the first left on Easy Wind. We are located on the second floor of building 7010.