Amy Mills

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Mills is passionate about solving tough social problems, both professionally and through service as a board member, volunteer, and consultant to non-profits.Since 2006, Amy has served as CEO of Emancipet, a non-profit building a national affordable veterinary care system to serve the underserved. Under her leadership, Emancipet has opened seven low-cost pet health clinics in five cities - Austin, Pflugerville, Killeen, and Houston, Texas and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and launched a national social change training program. Emancipet's low-cost clinics provide care to over 100,000 pets living in underserved areas every year, keeping those pets healthy, happy, and safe with their families.

Jill Beckwith

Chief Philanthropy Officer

As Chief Philanthropy Officer, Jill leads efforts to raise contributed revenue and awareness in support of Emancipet’s existing and future clinics. Jill joined Emancipet in February 2010.

Myles Chadwick

Vice President, Consulting and Training

Myles joined Emancipet in January 2013. He assists Emancipet clinics in meeting stringent quality standards, advancing the mission, and upholding the core values of the organization. He oversees all training requests from outside organizations interested in elevating or expanding their programs.

Dr. Laura Helmueller

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Laura Helmueller graduated from Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. She joined Emancipet as a veterinarian in 2008 and became the medical director of the Austin clinic in 2009. As CMO, she supports all Emancipet medical directors to ensure the safety of all our patients and maintain the high-quality standards in our clinics.

Christy Mallinger

Chief Financial Officer

Christy Mallinger joined Emancipet in 2009 after serving on the Board of Directors in 2008. As the CFO, Christy is responsible for Emancipet’s financial health, ensuring that the company meets its financial goals to facilitate the mission and vision of the organization.

Gretchen Nelson

Chief Operations Officer

Gretchen is a nonprofit administrator with extensive experience in national operational management and oversight. She joined Emancipet in May 2012, and as the COO, she standardizes procedures to assure that each clinic operates under Emancipet’s core values.

Board Members
Board Chair - Missy Colbert Nichols
Community Volunteer
Josh Alexander
Secretary - Angela Dorsey
Community Volunteer
Julie Morris
Nicole Paquette
Humane Society of the United States
Mona Patel
Los Angeles Philharmonic Association