Since opening one year ago, our Pflugerville clinic has provided low-cost preventive veterinary care to nearly 6,000 pets and has performed 3,777 spay/neuter surgeries!

“The real impact of these numbers on the population of unwanted pets is so exponential that it is sometimes challenging to quantify,” says CEO Amy Mills. “Just one unaltered female cat and her litters can produce hundreds of thousands of kittens over their lifetimes, for example.”

“To estimate the impact of spaying or neutering 3,777 pets so far in this clinic, let’s assume that without us they would have had the average number of puppies and kittens. The number of unwanted litters prevented over the years quickly reaches hundreds of thousands,” Mills says. “Behind the numbers, what’s important is the impact on the quality of life for people and their pets.”

Emancipet Pflugerville was our first permanent location outside of Austin (our Killeen location opened in February 2014), and was made possible by an innovative program-related investment loan from the ASPCA. Program-related investments, or PRIs, are investments made by foundations to support charitable activities that involve the potential return of capital within an established time frame. The ASPCA’s longtime support has made it possible for us to continue to expand our reach to serve more people and pets every year.

“We bought nearly $95,000 worth of equipment for Emancipet Pflugerville thanks for to the ASPCA and their forward-thinking investment in us,” Mills says.