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By: Kelly McCann, Vice President of Emancipet Houston

Today, Emancipet celebrates World Spay Day! This is especially exciting because just this week, Emancipet reached an amazing milestone – we performed our 250,000th spay or neuter surgery! I’m thrilled that our Houston clinic is the reason we got there so quickly.

In May 2015, Emancipet opened a clinic in Houston’s East End, which is has one of the most challenging stray pet problems in the country. City officials estimate there are 1.2 million stray dogs and cats in our city. As a longtime Houston resident and now Emancipet’s local leader, what I have witnessed in Houston should be unacceptable anywhere. It breaks my heart to see so many homeless and suffering dogs and cats in the place I call home – especially when we know that access to affordable spay/neuter is the solution!World Spay Day logo

The problem isn’t going to be solved overnight, but we’re committed to helping to transform Houston’s underserved neighborhoods into humane communities where every pet owner has access to safe, affordable spay/neuter and veterinary care, and stray and homeless pets are rare.

Things are already getting better for pets and people in Houston, just as they did in Austin where Emancipet got started, and in Killeen, where we’ve been for the last two years, and in Philadelphia, where we are going next.

I hope you’ll come see us if you are in Houston, or any of the cities Emancipet now calls home. More importantly, I hope you’ll help us in the movement to keep pets and people together, and out of animal shelters. Spay/Neuter is the best way to do that!