by Jill Beckwith, Chief Philanthropy Officer

When I’m talking with fundraisers from other animal care non-profits, there is one thing I say that almost always elicits a reaction: One of our major sources of donations is our clients. Emancipet clinics, after all, are focused on providing affordable veterinary care to families in underserved neighborhoods. Families who are stretching their resources to make sure their pets stay happy and healthy. So why ask them to donate?

Lots of reasons! The average gift from a client in 2015 was $1.33, which added up to a whopping $129,000 in contributed revenue. So, every little bit truly does add up to make a big impact. But increasing revenue is only one of the many reasons to ask clients to donate!

We also know that there have been multiple studies done that show giving actually feels good. In fact, studies have even shown that doing something for someone else actually makes people feel better than acting for themselves. So when people donate – any amount – it just feels good!

Finally, many of our clients have shared that they have never been asked to donate to anything before. Think of it this way: when you assume clients can’t give and avoid asking them, you may be denying your clients the opportunity to feel like they are part of your mission – instead of just a beneficiary!

So start asking! You may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

For more great tips from Jill on fundraising strategies and creating a culture of philanthropy, check out More Money, More Mission on June 5-6.


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