Making the decision to offer new veterinary services at your clinic can be exciting or daunting – or both! On one hand, it brings you a step closer to the main reason most of are in this line of work to begin with: keeping more pets healthy, happy, and in homes with their families. But on the other hand, trying to identify the services that are most needed or wanted in the community, as well as ensuring that they are physically and financially accessible to those who need them, can feel a bit overwhelming.

The good news is it can be a lot less intimidating if you have the right tools (for example, our Programming Rings model). During our seminar, Beyond Spay/Neuter: Why You Need a Healthy Pet Clinic & How to Build It, we will cover the basics of adding new services, including budgeting, assessing your community, and selecting services. We will also discuss how the addition of these new services to your organization offers you the opportunity go above and beyond the typical clinic model and initiate social change within your community. Beyond Spay/Neuter is coming up on June 26-27 and registration is still open.

Last but not least, new seminar dates are here! Next Generation Leadership and Veterinarian to Leader have both been added to the schedule for this August – take a look at the full schedule here. To register or get more information, email us at [email protected].

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