kitten season

We’re just gonna say it. There is nothing cuter than a kitten, and we love what we call springtime at Emancipet: “kitten season.” In all seven of our low-cost pet health clinics, our lobbies and exam rooms are full of kittens bouncing around, knocking things off exam tables, and generally being adorable troublemakers. Most importantly, they are dearly loved members of their families.

These families have something in common other than kitten-scratched hands: the need for affordable veterinary care as their kittens grow from mischievous kittens to dignified seniors.

We recently met Melissa and her beautiful senior tabby cats at one of our clinics. When Melissa adopted Oscar and Jade 14 years ago, she was a college student on a limited budget. Although she hadn’t planned on adopting a cat, one of her friends needed homes for a litter of kittens and Melissa couldn’t resist little Oscar. After learning about Emancipet’s low-cost services, Melissa knew she could afford to get him neutered and vaccinated — so the decision was easy! Soon Oscar grew to be an energetic and healthy teenager who needed a cat sibling to play with, and so three-month-old Jade joined the family.

Melissa laughs when she talks about her cats. “Jade is absolutely obsessed with milk jug caps. They’re her favorite toys, and for some reason she stores them in her food dish! Oscar is my lazy boy, until I break out the furry mouse wand. Oscar and Jade have been with me for some important milestones in my life. We’re a family. I’m grateful to Emancipet for making that possible.”

Kitten Season

In 2017, Emancipet will provide services for more than 100,000 pets and their families like Melissa, Oscar, and Jade’s. We are also committed to continuing to grow our non-profit network of clinics across the country, because we want to ensure that every pet owner has access to affordable spay/neuter and veterinary care.

If you love kittens as much as we do, consider a gift to Emancipet this season to help owners provide the great veterinary care every pet deserves, regardless of their ability to pay.