Dear Friends,

Emancipet has a low-cost pet health clinic in Houston, located on Wayside Drive, where we employ thirteen incredibly compassionate, dedicated veterinary professionals. First, I am relieved and grateful to let you know that all of our staff are safe and accounted for, and our clinic has not flooded.

Watching the news unfold over the last few days has been gut wrenching and heartbreaking, and we’ve been on edge with worry about our staff, our clients, their pets, and all the people and animals in the entire affected area.

But we’ve also been working around the clock on our plans for how to help the animals most in need as the floodwaters recede and the full scope of this disaster is revealed. Our call center has remained open and fields calls daily from Houston pet owners, pointing them towards available resources.

There is a significant need for emergency medical triage and care for pets whose owners were displaced and cannot afford vet care, and for those pets who were in shelters at the time Harvey hit and in need of rescue now. We are gearing up right now to provide veterinary care and additional resources at no charge for as long as we need to, and we need your help today. Our goal is always to keep pets and their people together, and in the aftermath of a disaster, we know people need their pets more than ever.

Emancipet needs you more than ever now, too. The cost of providing this type of urgent, ongoing veterinary care is significant, especially for the types of injuries common after natural disasters, and we can’t yet anticipate how long we’ll need to provide it. Please consider making a donation now – we need to begin purchasing medical supplies immediately, and our veterinarians are eager to get into the clinic and start helping as soon as possible, hopefully by this Friday.

As our response gets underway, we’ll be in touch to share more information about our operations, additional needs on the ground, and the pets you are helping us save.

Thank you so much. The pets and people of Houston need our help, so let’s show them some love.

Please make your gift now.


Amy Mills, CEO