• Q. Is Emancipet really offering free vet care?
    A. Yes, we are! Thanks to generous support from the Alex & Elisabeth Lewyt Charitable Trust, The Humane Society Of The United States, Maddie’s Fund, and many other donors, Emancipet is waiving fees on all veterinary services offered at our Houston clinic for three months.
    *UPDATE 9/27/17 We are now open on Thursdays for Walk-In Clients. 
    Q. Where is the clinic?
    A. 910 South Wayside Drive, across from the Fiesta, next door to Dr. Jimenez’s office, near the intersection with Jamail Drive.
    Q. Who qualifies for free services? Can anyone bring in their pets for free?
    A. This offer is for owned pets only so you may only bring in your own pets for free services. This offer is open to anyone who was impacted by Hurricane Harvey, but you don’t have to do anything to prove your eligibility – we don’t require any income qualification or proof that you were impacted by the storm.
    Q. What’s included for free for owned pets?
    A. Vet exams, vaccinations, up to 3 months of flea/tick or heartworm preventatives,puppy/kitten de-wormer, microchipping, heartworm testing or combo testing for cats, heartworm treatment for dogs, nail trims, anal gland expression, spay/neuter, treatment for respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, skin and ear issues, some GI issues, and wound care.
    Note that all treatment is at the discretion of our veterinarians. Please know that each veterinarian will make a determination about the best treatment for your pet, and may suggest a referral to another veterinary clinic instead, based on the severity of the case.
    We cannot perform any orthopedic procedures, treat parvo, perform emergency surgery or surgeries that are not medically necessary.
    To get more information please call 713-321-2713.
    Q. How long is this offer available?
    A. All fees will be waived for walk-in services until December 9, 2017. For spay/neuter services, free appointments will be booked by phone and e-mail on a first come first served basis until every spot is filled through December 9, 2017. UPDATE: ALL FREE SPAY/NEUTER APPOINTMENTS ARE BOOKED THROUGH DECEMBER 9. SEE BELOW.
    Q. Are there still spay/neuter appointments available for free?
    A. Sadly, no. Due to the incredibly high volume of calls requesting free spay/neuter in the first few days of this offer, we have already fully booked ALL spay/neuter appointments through December 9, the last day of this offer. We are doing everything we can to increase the number of free spay/neuter slots available before December 9, but we have received thousands of requests already and will likely not be able to fit everyone in.
    If you would like to be placed on the wait list for free spay/neuter, please call 713-321-2713, but please understand this does not guarantee you will get a free spot.
    If you want to book an appointment for low-cost spay/neuter instead (for $69), you can call 713-321-2713 and book an appointment for after December 10. We were shocked by how quickly this free offer booked up due to unprecedented demand and need in Houston, and apologize to those who did not get a free appointment and needed one.
    We are working hard to find a way to meet this demand for free spay/neuter even after these three months are up and will post information here as things change.
    Thank you so much for your patience.
    Q. I was impacted by Harvey but don’t live in Houston. Can I drive to Houston for free services?
    A. Yes, there is no geographic restriction on these services – they are for anyone in need because of Harvey.
    Q. I came to Austin after Harvey, can I still get help?
    A. If you have been displaced by Harvey and are now in Austin or surrounding areas, we may be able to waive your fees at one of our other clinics in central Texas. Please call either 713- 321-2713 or 512-587-7729 for more information.
    Q. I’m affiliated with a rescue group, can I bring our rescue program animals in for free?
  • A. We’re sorry, but no. This offer of free services is for owned pets only due to stipulations from our donors and the intention of keeping owned pets with their families.
    However, thanks to a generous in-kind gift from Found Animals, we can offer free microchips to animals in the care of rescue groups. You can come in during regular walk-in hours for this free service, and all other services are available to you for our regular low prices.
    Also, if you are a non-profit, you may be able to request emergency Harvey funding through PetSmart Charities: or through Maddie’s fund:
    Q. I am having trouble getting through your phone line, what’s going on?
    A. We have had a huge surge in the volume of calls to our Houston line, receiving between 500 – 600 calls per day. We are working to increase the number of staff answering phones, but there may be a longer wait than usual during this time. We are so sorry for any inconvenience and we are working hard to be able to answer every call in a timely way. We thank you for your patience!
    Q. I found a homeless pet after the storm, can you help him/her? What should I do?
    A. Thank you for taking in a homeless pet! The best thing to do is to contact Houston SPCA ( or the City of Houston’s BARC Animal Shelter ( immediately so there is a record of the pet you found. He or she may have a very worried family looking for them, and the top priority should be reuniting them.
    Emancipet is not a shelter and cannot take in homeless pets, and we also cannot legally treat animals that you don’t own.