Virginia has two Chihuahuas, both brothers, one black and one white and beige. Both are named Chiquito; Chiquito 1 and Chiquito 2. But only the vet knows who is who- Virginia just calls them both Chiquito. Chiquito_1_or_2


Virginia has had both dogs since they were only 3 weeks old, and considers them her children. They take care of each other; the two Chiquitos by barking whenever someone comes to the door.

Virginia has always been around dogs. She has rounded up stray dogs in her neighborhood and returned them to their homes, taken some of them to BARC, and even rescued and rehomed some herself.

With all the tension and bad feelings in our country today, Virginia was happy to see people help each other during the hurricane. She read somewhere and knows it’s true:

“We all cry the same color tears.”