Leo Julie in Julies car

Julie Telford got Leo four months ago. She was living on the top floor of her apartment building when Harvey hit; she thought she’d be okay but the water rose 15’ to completely submerge the first floor and started creeping into her apartment. Afraid the whole building was going to be submerged, she got people  to help get Leo out, and then she swam out after him.

After Julie and Leo escaped, a friend invited them to stay in her luxury apartment building. Unfortunately, the manager wouldn’t permit Leo to enter. So, the pair holed up in her car for 8 hours.

Julie Telford

Julie found out about Emancipet through a friend’s Facebook post. A vet she had taken

Leo to prior to Harvey tested him for heartworms twice, and got conflicting results. She told herself, “I’m going to go somewhere where people care about pets.”

So she brought Leo to Emancipet.

Julie in the Chronicle