laura and stinky

When Laura’s Shih Tzu passed away, she was devastated. The pup had been her constant companion in the years after her husband died, and her passing left an empty spot in Laura’s heart once again. Laura’s family encouraged her to get another dog, and when her niece found a litter of puppies at a near a warehouse, she urged Laura to come and take a look.

Laura was instantly smitten with one in particular – a wiggly, shaggy, and very smelly (hence the name Stinky) puppy stood out to her. She adopted little Stinky and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Laura and Stinky

“He always sleeps with me and he’s great with my grandkids, but sometimes he acts up,”

Laura says with a smile. Asked to clarify she says Stinky pulls on her clothes and tries to steal her shoes right off her feet – always looking for attention – but you can tell by the way she describes it she thinks it’s adorable.

“My daughter lives in Austin and told me about Emancipet years ago – I was so excited when you opened here! I’m on a fixed income with social security, and having this resource means I can keep my baby healthy!”