1. If they don’t have a thick coat, invest a coat or sweater to keep them warm!
  2. If your pet loves to play in the snow, make sure their ears are dry to prevent ear infections
  3. For a thin coated dog, make sure they have access to thicker bedding inside the your house.
  4. With extra layers of blankets and coats, dogs will need to stay hydrate. Make sure they have access to water all day long.
  5. Hair around pet paws can get wet with snow and slush. Keep hair trim around pet paws to keep them clean and free of debris.
  6. If you’ve got a city dog, her paws could pick up on salt and other pavement debris. Make sure to clean their paws so they don’t lick them!
  7. Aside from regular walks, limit how much exposure your dog has outside. Frigid temperatures can lead to frostbite and hypothermia.