Monthly Archives: February 2019

by B.J. Rogers Workplace culture, healthy culture, toxic culture. . .blah, blah, blah. There are books, blogs, conferences, and podcasts all about culture. When a term or concept so completely infiltrates the zeitgeist, it can be easy to tune out. And the spirit of the times – in the workplace anyway – is all about […]

We’ve reached a lot of milestones over the past two decades. We started in a borrowed mobile spay and neuter clinic in 1999. Today, we are operating a network of clinics with the capacity and specially trained staff to handle more than 100,000 visits a year.  There is so much to be grateful for, we’re […]

Start Your Own Peer to Peer Fundraiser with Emancipet We’re hoping to ROCK this year’s Amplify Austin. What is it? A 24-hour event that allows people like you (our supporters, fans and friends) to connect with a charity and donate to their mission. Why should I be a part of this? Amplify Austin is critical […]

by B.J. Rogers Leadership in animal welfare (or anywhere) can be a risky proposition. It’s also powerfully fulfilling and in high demand. To stay “in it” and make an impact, it’s critical that we collect tools to keep ourselves clear-headed and healthy. Though “self-care” sometimes sparks eye-rolls, it doesn’t just mean indulgent investment in a […]

Meet Jarett. A friend of his found Lady and her puppy siblings wandering the streets and asked if Jarett wanted to adopt one of the pups. Lady was the only female in the litter so Jarrett chose her. Lady had been with Jarett for less than 24 hours when they came to the clinic yesterday […]