Start Your Own Peer to Peer Fundraiser with Emancipet

We’re hoping to ROCK this year’s Amplify Austin.

What is it?

A 24-hour event that allows people like you (our supporters, fans and friends) to connect with a charity and donate to their mission.

Why should I be a part of this?

Amplify Austin is critical to Emancipet’s mission, because it helps us provide veterinary services to our clients.

Ok, sign me up!

This year you can take your donation and love for Emancipet to the next level by creating your own peer to peer fundraiser! This is so easy, you’re gonna love it as much as we love you!

Where do I go?



  1. Make It Personal

Are you fundraising to honor a family member who loved pets, or in honor of a pet member you lost? Highlight what is motivating you to create this fundraiser and why others should join the action too!

Personal stories are special because they are 100% real and relatable. How Emancipet has influenced you, or made your life better is a great way to spread the message.

    2.  The First Dollar Is The Deepest

When we ask people for donations, it helps if we’ve made a donation first, right? Ask close friends and family members to kick-off the campaign by donating in the first hour or so. This will help build momentum as you continue to share.

 3. Sharing Is Caring

You don’t need to send an e-blast to your email list (although we wouldn’t mind!) but you can share your page to your social circle. Whichever platform you choose, state your mission in the post, and let others know why they should join you.

Create a social schedule so you know what days of the week you want to continue to plug your fundraiser. This will help make sure you are consistently plugging your fundraiser and reaching your personal goal.

4. People Love a Good Update (especially your aunt on Facebook)

If you’re asking people to give to your cause, it’s only fair to keep your audience updated with all the details.

Share campaign updates highlighting milestones reached (My campaign just hit 1k!) or use the space to reiterate what you need in order to hit a milestone (I’m only $300 away from my goal!). Give the people what they want. Keep them informed of your progress.

5.  Be Grateful

Each time someone contributes, send a personal thank you. This can be in the form of a reply to their note on Facebook, or an offline thank you. Donors feel good when you send your appreciation (think if how good you feel when someone says thank you for contributing).  A small but impactful thank you could lead to additional help down the road or even inspire others to join in.

Let the Emancipet team know how your fundraiser is moving and grooving by sending us a note on our Facebook page, we would love to share your personal mission to the Emancipet community!

Thank you for your endless support, we wouldn’t be here without you.