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Look atchu! It’s your birthday month. Stars are shining, plans are being made, this entire month is all about you! The great thing about birthdays is that people have to pay attention to you. At least for a day, and more like a week, or a whole month, people should be reminded of just how […]

Duke is one of three dogs, and with the affordable veterinary care Emancipet offers, Duke’s mom shares why she is able to keep three pups healthy and happy. Emancipet is committed to providing quality and affordable veterinary care to all.

My friends, The House Ag Committee has heard your voices loud and clear and decided NOT to pursue a vote on HB 3806! This is tremendous news for the families and pets served by non-profit veterinary clinics across the entire state of Texas! Here’s how you made a difference: You sent thousands of emails and […]

by Myles Chadwick and Marianne Lynch Over the years, we’ve dedicated quite a bit of our time and energy into fine-tuning a system that enables our clinics to increase the volume of surgeries they can do and clients they can see, while always keeping the safety of the patient as the number one concern above […]

We are thrilled to partner with ThunderCloud Subs for the fourth annual ThunderPets campaign! Stop by your local ThunderCloud Subs, donate $5, and you’ll receive your very own ThunderPets bandana! All donations support Emancipet and their mission to make veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners. Share a photo of your pet in […]