Look atchu! It’s your birthday month. Stars are shining, plans are being made, this entire month is all about you!

The great thing about birthdays is that people have to pay attention to you. At least for a day, and more like a week, or a whole month, people should be reminded of just how special you are.

One great way to use your birthday powers for good? Facebook helps turn your birthday celebration into a giant party for not just you, but also the organizations you care about. It’s a great way to give back, and to inspire others to do the same on your behalf!

Wondering how it works? We got you, birthday star.

How Do I Create My Own Fundraiser for Emancipet?

Birthday fundraisers are created within the Facebook platform, and it only takes a few simple steps to set yours up:

  1. Select at the beginning of your birthday month or at least a few weeks before your big day.
  2. Select the organization you want friends to donate to on your behalf (we’re hoping you choose Emancipet at this step in the process).
  3. Upload an image and description as to why you’ve chosen an organization for others to donate to, in lieu of a birthday gift. Are you currently an Emancipet client? Did our team help you out during a rough patch? Are you grateful for the affordable veterinary care we provide on a daily basis?

Whatever your reason- tell people about it. Let them know why their donation would mean so much to you this birthday.

     4. Select a monetary goal and a timeline for your fundraiser. There’s no solid strategy for these types of campaigns, but we recommend at least $300 to start (you can always bump it up if your fundraiser takes off) and give the fundraiser at least 3 weeks to run.  

Make sure your fundraiser is happening on your actual birthday, so as people wish you a happy birthday on your profile, your fundraiser will meet them at the top of your page!

    5.  Hit save and share to your personal page! Be sure to manually invite a good selection of close friends and family once your fundraiser goes live. Early donations will serve as a great kick-off to your fundraiser.

Keep Friends Engaged and Provide Updates:

Once your fundraiser begins and friends start donating, make sure you individually thank each person who contributes. Tag them on your initial post so they publicly see your gratitude. This will also let other friends know your fundraiser is active and being engaged with actively.

Who knows, it might motivate others to join in on the donation love, too.

At Emancipet, we routinely check out all the incredible birthday fundraisers fans have created for us. We are so grateful for individuals who use their special day for good!

From the Emancipet team, Happy Birthday and Happy Fundraising!