by Myles Chadwick and Marianne Lynch

Over the years, we’ve dedicated quite a bit of our time and energy into fine-tuning a system that enables our clinics to increase the volume of surgeries they can do and clients they can see, while always keeping the safety of the patient as the number one concern above all else.

While we have an entire two-day seminar (called Turn Up the Volume) that’s all about the in’s and out’s of increasing efficiency and capacity for high-volume spay/neuter clinics, we realized that some of our favorite tips can be applied to more than solely just spay/neuter!

With that in mind, here are our Top 4 Tips for Driving Volume for just about any setting:

1. Hire people that love people, both clients and coworkers! If a team is comprised of people who love people (and not just animals), the benefits are three-fold: clients are more likely to have positive customer service interactions, the team as a whole is more likely to be highly engaged, and the workplace culture will be better overall.   

2. Have clearly assigned roles and tasks for all positions. When people know exactly what is expected of them and when it’s expected, less time is wasted on wondering what needs to be done or who is doing it and more time is focused on getting the job done safely and efficiently. 

3. Develop (and maintain!) SOPs and internal trainings for staff. This will help ensure that the entire team has access to the same information and internal documents, as well as keep training methods consistent for all team members – all of which are especially important for medical protocols!

4. Mise en place – which is French for “everything in its place”. Nobody should ever have to move more than just a few feet from their station to get the supplies they need again and again throughout the day. All stations should be stocked at the beginning and the end of each day which helps each team member concentrate their focus on the task at hand (whether that’s moving animals safely through surgery or giving a client your full attention in the exam room).

Want more tips like these? Check out Turn Up the Volume, a two-day seminar that will teach veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and clinic operations managers how to increase their spay/neuter efficiency and volume without sacrificing quality and safety. It’s coming up on May 30-31 and early bird pricing is available through April 15th – plus, if you register any two people through April 8th you’ll automatically get half off your second registration!


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