Pets need to keep their cool as summer heats up, and these frozen treats to should do the trick!


Using silicon molds, ice cube trays, or even small paper cups, fill with a combination of your dog’s favorite munchies, freeze, unmold and serve.  Keep frozen in an airtight container, and serve in moderation- as you would any treat. Try the following, or create your own recipe!

  • Chicken broth, peas, and carrots & a milkbone pupsicle stick
  • Plain yogurt  & peanut butter (try it with bananas)
  • Yogurt, a touch of honey, & blueberries

Cool Cats

Using the same freezing method as for pupsicles, freeze a treat for your feline!


  • Chicken broth with chunks of chicken 
  • Chicken and rice baby food
  • Tuna with water, blended until smooth

If your dog needs something to do, as well as a great way to cool off, keep him busy with this icy surprise:  

Frozen PupCake

Depending on your dog’s size, partially fill a bucket, empty ½ gallon ice cream container, or round cake pan with water or low or no sodium chicken or beef broth. Add some or all of the following:

  • Bones
  • Your dog’s favorite toy
  • Treats
  • Dog-safe fruits and vegetables

Freeze overnight or until completely frozen solid. Invert and run under warm water, or peel away paper container, unmold, and place outside for hours of chilly fun!

And, this adorable concoction makes a great “Barkday” activity for your pup and his guests. 

Before you get busy in the kitchen, remember to clear any new diet additions with your vet and feed your pet responsibly. Keep your pet indoors or offer plenty of shade and water in warm weather.