by B.J. Rogers

Thanks to you. . .

Thanks to you, thousands and thousands of animals are living better lives. Thanks to you, at least as many – or more – people are living better lives too.

Thanks to you, the animal welfare and veterinary fields are getting increasingly more skilled at delivering services to people that build relationships, support people in need, and create lasting change.

And thanks to you, Emancipet New School had another great year – and loads of fun – getting to meet, know, and learn with all of the folks that attended one of our seminars, caught a webinar, or even just took the time to poke around one of our newsletters or resources.

This year we had 171 people attend our seminars – representing 28 states and 67 organizations from around the country.

The work of ENS is both responsive and proactive. It’s a response to request after request to teach the foundations of what we do at Emancipet and how we do it. And it’s an effort to engage as many people and organizations as possible in the work we think matters so so much – namely, creating social change that will close the service gaps that keep people from accessing affordable veterinary care and can lead to both animal suffering and potential heartbreak for the people who love those animals.

As the season turns to giving thanks, we wanted to get started early and let you know how grateful we are for the work you do and for your engagement with Emancipet New School.

To show our thanks, we offering a limited time extra $50 off our early bird prices for our currently announced seminar series offerings, to take advantage, just enter the code YOUDABEST at checkout. The offer is good until the end of the month, so don’t miss out!

Speaking of checkout and offers, checkout those aforementioned 2020 offerings right here!

We’re grateful the animals – and the people who love them – have you on their side. Together, we make a powerful “us” when it comes to keeping pets and people happy and healthy.

So hey. . .thanks!


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