Branch Manager, Central Austin

Who We Need

We are looking for a proven leader with a medical background and a flare for optimism and systems thinking! Emancipet’s Healthy Pet Services are an essential first step towards helping pet owners that have not traditionally had access to veterinary care. Emancipet’s Central Austin Brach (CAB) is the “test kitchen” for new programs and services – this clinic is totally unique from Emancipet’s other clinics because it works to help sick pets get healthy, so that they can stay in the homes that love them. In addition to our Healthy Pet Services, the CAB clinic currently provides high volume, low-cost heart worm treatments, dentals, and specialty surgeries. Because we believe that everyone deserves to experience the unconditional love of a pet, this location provides completely free care to pet owners experiencing (or at risk for) homelessness. We are looking for a Branch Manager that will ensure that all of the programs that Emancipet has succeeded with for years run smoothly, and who is chomping at the bit to lead their team in piloting all new veterinary services, creating, testing and delivering new programs to our clients. Our ideal candidate does not believe that “it cannot be done”, because it can! If you love working in veterinary medicine, catalyzing social change, serving those in need, building new processes and leading an amazing team, we want to hear from you!

Is It You?

There’s a chance you may be our ideal Central Austin Branch Manager if you meet the description above, and if:

  • You love the art and science of managing people – nothing makes you happier than seeing someone you manage exceed your expectations (and their own)!
  • You have an eye for detail and you’ve been accused of being obsessed with quality more than once in your life.
  • You’re so flexible that you could that you could have your own yoga studio – but you want this job more!
  • Austin traffic is just another bullet on a long list of broken systems that you have fixed in your head.
  • You would win on Top Chef because you can make a masterpiece out of whatever ingredients you are given.
  • You are truly moved by being of service to pet owners who need us – I mean, like misty, not full on crying
  • You have inside jokes with people you have never met – you connect quickly with clients and staff


Submit your resume and a one-page cover letter summarizing your leadership philosophy, skills and why you would be our ideal Central Austin Branch Clinic Branch Manager to Myles Chadwick, Interim VP Central Texas.

Submit Your Resume- Central Austin Branch Manager