Holiday Haul 2019

Krieg Field - 515 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Austin, TX 78741

Who is ready to LITERALLY pull for pets?

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Wait… what is this?!

You know how sometimes you come across something that you never even knew was missing in your life until it just shows up? Well, get ready for one of those moments. 

I mean, who EVER knew they needed to pick up a rope and try to haul a 26,000 lb mobile veterinary clinic 20 feet across a parking lot? Uhh. . .probably no one. But trust me – you sooo do.

Well my friend, you’re in luck, ‘cause on Sunday December 8th, Emancipet is hosting our first ever HOLIDAY HAUL! You’ve always pulled for pets with moral support, but now we’re giving you the chance to literally pull for pets!

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Registration is only $25 for adults and $20 for students!

2019 Emancipet Holiday Haul Pulling For Pets

Here’s how it works:

Ready? Set? Pull!

You and your friends, family, and coworkers (neighbors, colleagues, buddies from the gym, your running club, fellow crossfitters, kickball teammates, book club members), assemble teams of 8 people, register online, set up your own individual fundraising pages, and then show up at 10am at Kreig Fields ready to give it all you’ve got. 

Your team will compete against other teams in categories including fastest pull time, most money raised, and best team theme/costumes. It’s that simple, and that AWESOME. 

Register Here

With the holidays around the corner, what better time to do an extra workout or two in anticipation of all of the pie, nog, and fixins that are undoubtedly in your future? Just think of the stories you’ll have to tell when the family gathers for the holidays. Plus, you won’t have to add “finally pull a truck across a parking lot” to your New Year’s resolution list when January 1st rolls around!

So dig up some gardening gloves, do a practice squat or two, and sign up today for the chance to win some serious bragging rights, a unique Holiday Haul trophy, and get the chance to help some pets stay healthy and happy along the way.

See you in the parking lot!

Our (amazing) Media Sponsor

The Austin Chronicle

The Austin Chronicle Emancipet Media Sponsor

A big thank you to our friends over at The Austin Chronicle for their media sponsorship. We couldn’t get the word out about this amazing event without your help!

Rambler Sparkling Water

Rambler Sparkling Water



Big shout out to our friends over at Rambler Sparkling Water for bringin’ out the refreshing bubbly and keeping us hydrated!

Cherrywood Coffeehouse

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High five for our exceptional coffee sponsor Cherrywood Coffeehouse! There’s no better way to start pulling than with a nice cup of joe!

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Our favorite subs are showin’ up for Holiday Haul! Thank you so much to Thundercloud Subs for always showing up for Emancipet. We’re feelin’ the love!

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