Community Event Guidelines

Planning a birthday party or happy hour? Why not have fun AND support Emancipet? It’s easy to do with our new information packet. Just review our guidelines, complete the application, and check out our how-to guide for tips on having a successful fundraiser! Thank you for supporting Emancipet!

Emancipet Community Event Guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed to protect both the individuals, organizations, and businesses hosting community events (“Sponsor”) and Emancipet.


  • Sponsor is responsible for ALL event coordination, marketing/promotion, and ticket/raffle sales.
  • Sponsor is responsible for complying with applicable government regulations regarding charitable events.
  • Sponsor agrees to coordinate with and request permission from Emancipet before soliciting event funding from any individuals, organizations, or businesses in order to avoid duplicate efforts.
  • Due to limited resources, Emancipet cannot guarantee staff or volunteers will attend the event.
  • It is considered the responsibility of the person or organization conducting the event to fill all volunteer/staffing positions, unless other agreements are made with Emancipet.
  • Sponsor should notify Emancipet of the event at least 3 months in advance by filling out the form on the next page. If an exception is required, please email [email protected]
  • Sponsor should inform Emancipet of the types of materials needed (e.g., brochures, buttons, pens, etc.) at least one
    month in advance along with the quantities needed.
  • To highlight Emancipet’s 20th anniversary this year, Sponsor may be given materials that showcase Emancipet’s 20 years of service to pets in need.


  • Sponsor must state the terms of the donation that Emancipet can expect from the event and must tender the donations within thirty (30) days of the event.
  • A donation solicited on Emancipet’s behalf, whether the donation is an item or cash, is tax-deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to Emancipet, as only Emancipet can verify that such a gift was made.
  • Donors to Community Events who wish to be receipted must make checks payable to Emancipet and provide a mailing address. Cash donations must be received with a list of donors, addresses, and specific amounts contributed, otherwise cash will be collected as an anonymous gift. Cash from the event should not be deposited into a personal account in order for the Sponsor to write Emancipet a check for the amount.


  • Emancipet will not finance any expenses related to third-party community events or assume responsibility for any debts incurred.
  • Emancipet asks that no more than 25% of the revenue generated is used to cover event expenses.


  • Any use of Emancipet’s logo or inclusion of Emancipet’s name in all event promotion MUST be approved by Emancipet at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. Any contact with press or media must be coordinated with Emancipet.
  • Emancipet will not approve the third party use of our mailing lists.
  • As applicable schedules allow, Emancipet may list the event on our calendars and social media.

Emancipet reserves the right to decline participation or cancel participation in an event for any reason. Generally, the
following events will NOT be approved:

  • Events that do not adhere to the Emancipet Community Event Guidelines
  • Events that require Emancipet staff or volunteers to provide coordination, promotion, or sales.
  • Events that require significant attendance from Emancipet staff or volunteers.
  • Events scheduled in close proximity to an Emancipet event.
  • Events that are controversial in nature or do not represent a positive image for Emancipet.
  • Events that require the use of our mobile clinic van.

Community Event How-To Guide

Getting Started

  • Submit your event application form at least 3 months before your event.
  • Read the Community Event Guidelines to make sure your event fits our criteria.
  • Pick a date. Give yourself plenty of time for planning, promoting, and organizing your event. You must submit the event registration form at least 3 months prior to event date.
  • Select a location. Keep in mind the size, nature, and cost of your event.

Fundraising & Volunteers

  • Set a fundraising goal.
  • Mobilize a team of friends and family to help with all aspects of putting together the event.
  • Keep in mind the specific needs of your event before, during, and after to help you decide how many volunteers you need.

Social Media and Event Promotion

  • Once the event is approved, start planning, promoting, and organizing! Note: In general, event organizers are responsible for all event publicity and promotion.
  • Facebook: Use your Facebook profile and the applicable Emancipet’s Facebook page to promote your event. Emancipet Facebook handles are:
    • Emancipet: @Emancipet
    • Emancipet Greater Austin: @EmancipetGreater Austin
    • Emancipet Houston: @emancipetHOU
    • Emancipet Killeen: @EmancipetKilleen
    • Emancipet Pflugerville: @emancipetpflugerville
    • Emancipet Philadelphia: @emancipetphilly
  • Instagram/Twitter: Use @Emancipet to tag Emancipet with a hashtag: #communityevents
  • Press Release: Depending on the size and scale of your event, consider writing a press release and submitting it to local media outlets

Post Event

  • Blog & Online Calendars: Send us photos from your event for our blog and list your event on event blogs and calendars (e.g., Austin360, do512, and Austin Social Planner).
  • Don’t forget to tender the donations within thirty (30) days of the event!

Questions? Please contact [email protected], and we will get back to you!