What People Are Saying

“Our entire faculty tam participated and and agreed it was one of the most engaging, informative, and fun training experiences we’ve ever had. The other attendees unanimously remarked that the workshop was a transformative and empowering experience for them. The concepts and newly learned skills were practical and immediately useful to veterinarian leaders. Several remarked that they were looking forward to returning to work the next week armed with a new set of skills to maximize the effectiveness, camaraderie, and happiness to the teams they led.”

Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DABVP (Shelter Medicine) – University of Florida

“After attending the Emancipet New School, I now have a renewed passion for what I do. I feel inspired to safely increase our surgery volume, in turn helping my City’s animals and people. In the future, I would love to attend another seminar and will definitely recommend to my coworkers and colleagues.”

Danielle Hynes – Clinic Operations Manager / FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic / Attended Turn Up The Volume

“The Emancipet New School is a great concept dedicated to teaching the art of leadership and management. We have implemented these trainings into our veterinary business culture of developing our team to be better leaders, managers, and communicators. To date we have sent at least 11 people through these programs. I highly recommend for any organization looking to build a productive culture and develop tools for their people.”

John Faught – Chief Medical Officer / Firehouse Animal Health Center / Attended Courageous Leadership

“I found this seminar to be incredibly thought-provoking, and I look forward to incorporating the strategies and ideas we covered into my future projects. BJ Rogers was a terrific facilitator, and the group size was ideal for allowing participation from everyone. This is my second Emancipet seminar and, once again, I found it to be both fun and valuable!”

Liz Skrobisch – Independent Consultant / Attended Big Impact

“Emancipet is a pioneer in the nonprofit veterinary space and shares their knowledge freely to those seeking guidance in expanding or starting a nonprofit veterinary clinic. Presented by knowledgeable professionals spreading social good and social change. There should be more unselfish people like these presenters in the world.”

Fran Grossman – CEO / Dog Angels, Inc. / Attended Beyond Spay/Neuter

“We have attended a few of your seminars and our favorite by far was the Leadership training. When we had spoken at one of the previous seminars about my concerns on staff turnover and feeling inadequate at engaging the staff, you advised that we attend this seminar and explained it would be helpful. We left that day feeling slightly defeated not sure if one seminar could help us with all that. WE WERE WRONG! We brought so much back from that seminar and we still talk about it! “Did you do your monthly check in’s”, “Oh my goodness did you see me do the yes and”… etc and so on! Not only has my staff turnover stopped, but I feel as though I have the perfect team. Learning how to use each individual person, knowing what to look for when hiring, and keeping things positive. You have truly helped us turn the shelter around, and have brought us hope when we were down! Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you all again.” 

Denise Dion – Operations Manager / Rifle Animal Shelter